mercredi 10 juillet 2013

The 5 most over educated porn stars

Many porn stars have no formal education and once they decide to retire from the business they have a tough time trying to do something else, nevertheless there are a bunch of stars that can easily be given classes in any university, but they have chosen to have a better-paid, better looking jobs. You can see the image above its NINA HARTLEY
Here is a list of 5 porn stars that actually have other career options.

mercredi 8 mai 2013

Farrah Abraham Exposed - New Exclusive Scenes you havent seen

So I heard all the hype going around about "Teen Moms" ex star Farrah Abraham looking to porn herself back to glory. Little did she know her co-star James Deen would babble freely on her and make her devious little plan fail.

I still can't believe she actually thought creating supposed sex tape with one of the most popular male porn stars on the planet would go unnoticed ? She tried to dupe us but unfortunately for her we all know who James Dean is, no way she could pass that as an accidental leaked sex tape. Well at least it wasn't Ron Jeremy and if it was he probably would have told that whiny little whore to shut the fuck up. Baby this and baby that, I would have gagged and bonded her after her first Baby and shoved my strap on wherever I wanted to even if she begged for anal.

Wanna see the whiney teen mom's exclusive scenes? Watch her masturbate in a car?


Farrah Abraham exclusive scenes of her sex tape

jeudi 2 mai 2013

The Top Live Sex Shows for Sex Friends

Lately my friends have been asking me for tips to find the best webcam girls that do live sex shows. Since they know that I have a lot of contacts in the adult industry I am able to check my sources to find the answer. I found the answer interesting enough to share with you all today. To answer the question, I have to ask another. Do you know any sexy exhibitionists? A female exhibitionist loves to show of her pleasure chest while a stranger is looking. It will actually turn her on to think that the viewer doesn’t know what’s cuming around the corner. She will be turned on just knowing that she caught your eye. And, what more could you want from a webcam girl? This is why exhibitionist webcam girls give the best live sex shows. Whether you’re into fetishes or S&M, the best experience is with someone who loves sex as much as you do. A highly motivated sex partner can be the difference between womp-womp-waah and KABOOM! If you want to get the hardest you’ve ever been, go with a sex fiend, like yourself! So, how do you find these girls? Here’s where you are in luck! Today, I will be sharing my exclusive list of exhibitionist webcam girls that will push your sexual experience to the limit. Hold on because it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride ;) The first little vixen’s name is Marie Luv XXX. She will let you watch as her plump tits bounce up and down while she gets wet. She has all of the instruments you need to see all that she does to turn you on. Let her know if you like what you see and watch her pleasure heighten, higher and higher until she explodes. Marie Luv XXX
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These lovely nipples belong to Eva Lovia. This sweet young thing is wrapped up like a present just waiting to be ripped open. Set her free by pulling on her strings with your teeth and watch her unleashed ass attack a dildo. Eva Lovia is especially turned on by strangers, so if it’s your first time, go ahead and pleasure her – you’re exactly what she likes. Eva Lovia
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Shim Xoxo’s lips are made for much more than just kissing. Watch out, this one will bite, nibble, blow, suck and hum a sweet vibration to get you going. Toy or no toy, this webcam girl has a gift for doing it with or without. Her tight pussy looks like a mouth, and if it could talk it would say watch me as I take you inside. Shim Xoxo
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Lastly, I give you Sexy Trina xxx. This girl is a wet and wild one. She is shaped like an hourglass and can go for twice as long. Among other sex toys, sex beads are definitely a hot spot. She loves the way they smell, feel and taste. Watch Sexy Trina xxx get hot for you. When you tell her just how closely you’re watching, she’ll bend over backwards to give you the orgasm of your life! Sexy Trina xxx
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Get ready to stop, drop and fuck like a pro with these hot webcam girls that give the best live sex shows. Just a suggestion, make sure you do a bit of light stretching beforehand, because it can’t get pretty intense. Until next time, keep watching

jeudi 25 avril 2013


First and foremost if you’ve never watched any tranny sex videos you might not know what I’m talking about so I suggest you look at some awesome live tranny porn and come back to the article once you’ve watched it.
Now that your back and have seen what tranny porn is all about, do you feel confused? Did you for some reason that is beyond your control, like it? Did you get aroused? Are you all confused and wondering if you’re gay? Well sorry about that but that brings me to point number one:
OMG a Tranny superstar


Free tranny sex videos
Yes it’s true! Don’t look so surprised! Next time you’re at a guy’s night out look around at your friends and note that 9/10 of them have already watched tranny porn. Surprisingly enough 90% of people who watch tranny sex videos are heterosexual. There, do you feel better now? You are not the only one aroused by those beautiful ladies who can fuck anyone they want, girl or boy. Anyways, if it were only about me, I’d fuck a cardboard box so I don’t think you have to worry too much about your sexual orientation watching Tranny sex videos, because you aren’t the only one.


The popularity of these tranny videos and live webcams are increasing rapidly and many websites now dedicate whole sections to this type of specialty. If you’ve taken the time to look at tranny videos, you know that many of these women with penises are really really sexy and god oh so naughty. With their long luscious hair, slim features, gorgeous bodies, beautiful mouth-watering breasts and their dick. Yes a dick. Kinda might make you think it’s a deal breaker but it might sometimes come as a surprise and well, since you’re already there…
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I will start off with the incredibly beautiful Adriana Lynn. I honestly believe that any guy could easily fall head over heels for this astonishing tranny. Adriana is the perfect girl with a dick. Not only is she incredibly sexy and sensual but her perfect body, tight ass and incredible bosom can get any man’s mouth watering in seconds. I bet you all wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that even if there is a stick between her legs where the pussy usually is…

First there is Bailey Jay. The beautiful pin-up girl that you’ve always dreamed about but with one little tiny difference. You know, the one you could spend hours flirting with and trying to get her home so you could fuck her…you could fuck her but you’d definitely have to go back door on her. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…her cock is huge and it might be a little scary for tranny first timers but I honestly would think about sucking it until it exploded, just because she’s that pretty.

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Second on the list is Nody Nadia. If you walked by this delightful piece of chocolate no doubt about it she would definitely make your head turn. No one could even guess what she was hiding in those tight leather pants and tight little tank top showing her full and gorgeous tits. God I could eat those tits, oh and what the hell, throw in that ebony dick and I’ll eat it too.

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Blond bombshells of the world beware… this pale skinned tranny by the name of Sarina Valentina will be stealing all our men. She has everything it takes; Soft skin, huge blue eyes, satin soft hair, a body to die for, the tits of an angel and to top it all off she’s got the smile of a seductive goddess. What’s even worse is that she sometimes is a naughty redhead and still look positively stunning. I think many men would throw their taboos out the window and try it with a tranny just to be able to get close to her and see her naked. Why wouldn’t they…she is absolutely fabulous.
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Vaniity is one amazing exotic princess. She definitely does not go unnoticed were ever she goes. If I could I would totally make her my kinky queen and keep that incredible body and face all to myself I would. I could pull and tug her dark lush hair and play with those splendid boobs until she screamed for me to stop. She can eat my pussy anytime she wants to.

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Super Hung Yasmin Lee is the Persian princess who has been invading your fantasies and our Tv Screens(Hang Over Part 2). Move over Cleopatra. After Cleopatra, Yasmin is here to seduce and coax you to do whatever she asks of you. She is the goddess of trannys with her fascinating rare exotic look and huge love muscle that immediately imposes respect. Once you’ve had one look at her you can never ever go back. She will haunt your mind with hot steamy images of her masturbating and playing with her magnificent boobs and you will never forget her name. Yasmin Lee.
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Since the tranny trend has moved up a notch and that more and more people are actually looking for these type of videos, the ever so popular webcam sites are now opening their doors to more and more trannies from everywhere around the world. Who knew that there were so many trannies and so many people who want to enjoy the pleasure of their free and erotic shows? If you’ve never had the chance of experimenting with trannies live cam shows here are a few lady boys you might want to check out:

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KATHASS can answer any and all your fantasies. She loves her leather boots as much as her cock and she will masturbate for you and give you one hell of a free tranny show. She enjoys pain and would kill to be you’re submissive and let you gag her.

EroticSEXYbrunette is cute funny, friendly and her personality is infectious.

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SexyLover69 is hot, wild, mysterious and exotic. She can dominate you and loves to role play, dance, strip, and jerk her hard cock until you explode with her. She’s a giver.

Hot Ass 69 is the perfect little Asian tranny. She does Cam2Cam and loves to be told what to do. If I were to pick one Asian girl to watch over and over again it would definitely be her. Her tight little teen body makes me sweat every time she gets naked and I can’t seem to look away when she grabs that cock of hers.

Want more tranny webcams? Some websites dedicate whole sections to this specialty and you definitely can get your pick of hot sexy trannies of your choice.
If you’ve always been curious about trannies then it’s time you explore and learn a little about their sexuality. They can please both men and women. Hot sensual body of a girl with awesome features, fantastic tits and look down and there is a surprise that can fuck you front and back. Everything a girl could want. It’s the best of both worlds. As for men, I can totally understand the attraction. It’s like having a little piece of you with boobs. It’s all a man is cracked up to be with the body of a goddess. I think that if a man is attracted to a tranny it’s perfectly normal since they are 90 % sublime woman. Who wouldn’t want to hit that!

I hope I satisfied your desire to not know these 4 things about tranny sex videos and that I didn’t over step the sexual boundaries with…as you would say it…too much information. Have fun and happy exploring!

jeudi 18 avril 2013

The Hottest Asian Live Sex Girls Fully Expose

According to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the snake. The snake is meant to represent steady progress and attention to detail. It’s no wonder this year is already off to a sexy start! This is just one of the many reasons why Asian live sex girls are hotter than ever! I’ve done a lot of research to find the absolute hottest Asian live sex girls out there. My sources are never wrong, and since I always test before recommending, I can guarantee you that these girls are the best. I’ve had experiences with each and every girl on the list that I’m about to share with you, and I will even share some exclusive pictures that I was able to sneak away.

Don’t waste your time searching for pictures of the girls you want to see. Some of those pictures are obviously fake and edited with Photoshop to look perfect. The pictures I have are real and will leave you drooling for the real hot Asian live sex girls.

Asian 4 Desire
This Asian fortune cookie named Asian 4 Desire predicts cum showers in your future. This girl’s jugs are huge and full, just waiting to be sucked. What you can’t see on this picture is that she is very flexible. You’ll see that she goes wild when her partners take notice and position her to go even deeper. But be careful, when this hot volcano erupts, you can feel it!

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Until U Pass Out
This dream team called Until U Pass Out are perfect for the sexual multitasker. Join them quickly because their Asian sex team is recruiting! They need you to put all of their talents to use. There’s no contest for me, these girls are sizzling hot! When it comes to numbers I have a saying: One = leaves you masturbating while you’re waiting. Two = me and you have got a lot to do. Three = yay, another partner for me! Four = has me screaming for more and more ;)
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Asian Doll
This Asian baby face is called Asian Doll. She really does look like a doll come to life! With all of the perks of a doll like face and a soft warm body, this Asian live sex girl lets you live out the ultimate dream. Her big and soft rose petal lips caress anything you put in her mouth. You’ll be craving this Asian sensation for weeks to cum!
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Asian Silk
This Asian feline’s name is Asian Silk. This smooth assassin moves swiftly to get the job done. She’ll handle your jewel like a pro. She likes to be chased and doesn’t mind being punished when she’s been bad… and she’s bad to the bone. This Asian hottie is the perfect mix of skill and out of control sex appeal. Try her on for size.

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Asian Queen
Lastly, this pink dragon called Asian Queen is the most dangerous of them all. She breaths fire and lights up any sexual fantasy. She is something of a genie, granting every wish that you command. She does not have a lack of outfits and loves dressing up. She will even let you watch as she puts a costume on and then take it all off. Whatever, whenever, where ever, this Asian hotness will set you on fire!

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These top hot Asian live sex girls are the hottest you can find! From their look to their special skills, they will not disappoint. If you’re up for a wild experience, now you have my personally indexed Asian girls who will escort you to Pleasure-ville. I’m going to finish my New Year’s celebration with some bubbly and deep kiss. Long live the snake ;) See you in Pleasure-ville!

mercredi 5 décembre 2012


Yes, there are certain unwritten rules every girl must follow when giving a sexy webcam show. I will share these with you in so you can prevent yourself from becoming the next big internet meme. Unless you don't give a crap about what happens during your show, you will carefully read and put these 10 rules to practice to make sure you're not a complete webcam model failure.
sexy webcam show gone wrong
Kinder surprise

Kinder surprise

Rule 1:

Get a babysitter for your offspring - we don't wanna know you've allowed you to reproduce.

Rule 2:

Put your animals away in another room - nothing ruins a good show when your dog tries come in for a quick leg hump.

Rule 3:

Take down family photos and pictures of your kids - nobody wants to see your failed genetics.

Rule 4:

Do not use your child's Hello Kitty bedspread - it's not sexy and frankly is kind of weird.

Rule 5:

Rule 5: Wash every nook and cranny.. and I mean EVERYTHING! You wouldn't want the Webcam Bandit to take screenshots of your unwashed asshole now would you?

Rule 6:

Wash your feet. Yes you heard me, give your paws a good scrubbing. Lots of guys have a foot fetish.

Rule 7:

Make sure you are not expecting visitors - unless its the big sausage pizza guy.

Rule 8:

Rest before a show, I've seen cam models fall asleep and this is a big no no

Rule 9:

Never put your back to a window, why? Here is why!

Rule 10:

Lock your door... you never know.There's rapists everywhere. So hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband cause they rapin' everybody out there!
No one is protected from embarrassing moments but by following these few simple rules you might just have an amazing and uninterrupted sexy webcam show. You know the webcam bandit is everywhere and will use your embarrassing moments against you! Be careful he might be out to get you!

mardi 27 novembre 2012

I took a bath with the hottest webcam girl ever!!

eve webcam girl on freecams exposedEve webcam girl on freecamsexposed
As the official webcam bandit, I wander about the internet looking for the hottest webcam girl to sex chat with because if you haven’t noticed yet I’m a very horny bandit. I visit different sex chat sites in search of the perfect girl that will give me that awesome feeling in my tight little sugar hole.

Found her

Once I’ve found that awesome naughty femme fatale, I share my experience with her to the world. I chat with her and steal screen shots of what I see so you can fall to your knees too. Now this week’s special cam girl is called Eve. I stumbled upon this goddess here and followed her trail to her cam.
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Eve webcam girl on freecamsexposedFirst I would like to say I’m a sucker for tattoos. All kinds of tattoo’s, big small, black, coloured, on the ass, the arm, just any tattoo anywhere. I think they are smoking hot and I think that inked girls are sublime. When you see Eve for the first time you’ll understand why I had such strong feelings towards her. She is not only beautiful with her tats and all but she is also really sweet, understanding and omg drop dead gorgeous. I’ve seen a few of her shows and actually had her to myself for a while. All I can say is wow what an enchantress! Wish I could keep her to myself but I can’t! You need to see this girl in action to understand what I’m talking about. It’s all about the way she slowly moves her body while she stares right at you with those huge chocolate eyes. Everything from how she spanks her tight little ass and grabs her sensitive little nipples and pulls on them makes me wet and so aroused sexually that I need more of her. When I cam with her she makes me feel like I’m the only one in the world. She is like my own little Pocahontas.

eve webcam girl on freecams exposedI had the amazing chance to chat with her and steal screenshots while she was taking a nice long sexy bubble bath. Seriously, if you want to get off, catch her when she is in her bath or shower. There is nothing like a nice tanned skin all soaking wet and glistening. When I saw her start rubbing those bubbles on her perky tits I just couldn't stop myself from masturbating. I guess it got her excited because she started masturbating too. It’s just too bad my hands were too busy to screen shot that part ;) Anyways it’s my sex chat so if you want to see the good stuff too then follow the little trail and it will take you to Miss Eve. She is definitely my stolen webcam girl of the week.
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